VAN DRIVER - Part-Time

Chicago, IL

VAN DRIVER - Part time


The primary function of the Van DRIVER is to provide non emergency transportation to SCR’s customers/riders with door-to-door transportation in accordance with SCR's standard of excellence. 

Essential Job Functions:

  • Provide door-to-door transportation for passengers using a SCR issued vehicle.
  • Plan routes to destination, and evaluate alternatives for unexpected detours or emergencies.
  • Pick up passengers in response to radio or telephone relayed request for service.
  • Exhibit safe and defensive driving skills in accordance with SCR’s driver training.
  • Follow proper procedure when transporting passengers including but not limited to: proper wheelchair securement and providing passenger assistance at entries and exits.
  • Open and close doors for customers.
  • Provide passenger with easy entry and exit at pick up and drop off locations.
  • Maintain knowledge of proper methods to load and unload, distribute and secure passengers.
  • Indicate completion of trip as instructed (e.g. through Mobile Data Terminal or Dispatch).
  • Complies with local traffic regulations.  Evaluates and maintains proper speeds and distances based on road conditions and traffic conditions.
  • Completes accident and/or incident reports.
  • Completes Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections (e .g. records mileage, fuel level , vehicle defects, etc.).

Key performance indicators:

  • Daily on-time performance
  • Daily productivity (trips per hour)
  • Your ability to follow the department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Attendance
  • Customer service and appearance 


  • Must be 23 years or older;
  • Must hold a valid Illinois or Indiana Driver’s license;
  • Must have held a valid Driver’s license for 3+ consecutive years;
  • Must obtain a Court Purpose Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) 
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check;
  • Customer service, verbal and written communication, and problem solving skills;

JOB CODE: 1000035